Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment

Cavi-Lipo Treatment on the Upper Arm

Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation

Cavi-Lipo ultrasound cavitation is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment for the reduction of excess or unwanted stored fat (adipose) and cellulite. Cavi-Lipo uses low frequency ultrasound to liquefy adipose fat tissue. The excess fluid is then removed from the system through natural means. The fat cells become non-viable and are therefore permanently destroyed.

The Cavi-Lipo brand was introduced in 2010 and is the most innovative and effective cavitation system used around the world. 

About Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation 

Why Cavi-Lipo ultrasound cavitation is an excellent choice.

No pain
No down-time
No surgery
Instant results (yes, it works layers at a time, so every session counts)
No damage to fascia
No risk of damage to unrelated or surrounding tissues
No bleeding
No bruising
Smooth transitions
No deformation of the body lines and contour even if you do gain weight in the future
The Cavi-Lipo client is never at risk for scar tissue development
Cavi-Lipo does not damage or pose any risk to the lymphatic system
Organic integration of changes to the bodys' natural lines
Cavi-Lipo can reduce the appearance of cellulite
Cavi-Lipo can safely be used anywhere on the body
Cavi-Lipo can reduce the appearance and texture of scar tissue and stretch marks
Cavi-Lipo promotes skin tightening
Very very low financial risk
You get more for your money
No risk of death!

How does Cavi-Lipo work?

Cavi-Lipo uses low-frequency ultrasound to break down fat most anywhere on the body. The frequency is applied with a hand-piece. The frequency causes the fat cell to release it's contents into the surrounding tissue and the fluid is removed through natural means. This frequency will not effect any other cell or tissues on the body. It only works on fat cells.

Does it hurt?

Cavi-Lipo has often been described as very relaxing! It does not hurt. It's more like a warm massage. 

Can Cavi-Lipo be used with other treatments like Cool Sculpting or liposuction?

Yes. Cavi-Lipo ultrasound cavitation is highly recommended after liposuction, cool-sculpting or other fat-reduction treatments to obtain even better results or to assist with the healing and drainage processes.

For regular liposuction Cavi-Lipo is recommended as a post-operative treatment to assist with drainage, to help minimize fascial adhesions and to promote healing in the treated areas through increased circulation. It also continues to break down fat tissue in those treated areas.

The term Liposuction is being used generically and is inclusive of the many different procedures that surgically remove fat from the body. 

Cool Sculpting (cryolipolysis) freezes fat tissue to kill the cells and then the cellular waste is broken down and eliminated from the system over the next 4-6 months. Cavitation after cryolipoysis helps with circulation and drainage and will break down fat around the borders of the paddles resulting in a smoother transition between the treated and non-treated areas. 

Cavitation after liposuction and cool-sculpting is an excellent way to speed up your healing and fine-tune your results. 

About Your Cavi-Lipo Technician

Your Cavi-Lipo tech has 8+ years experience, started December 2012, and has completed over 4500 Cavi-Lipo sessions! There are very few who have this much hands-on experience and the results really show! This is an incredible advantage for anyone receiving the treatment here because as a results-oriented tech she really knows how to make the most of the technology and coach you in what to do to maximize your results.

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