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Keep Your Face Looking Younger & Slimmer with Cavi-Lipo

Cavi-Lipo is excellent for the reduction of excess fat on the neck and face and has the added benefit of causing the skin to look rejuvenated, tighter and smoother.

The goals of a Cavi-Lipo session on the face and neck are to:

  • slim the neck
  • reduce the appearance of lines and creases
  • slim the cheeks
  • increase circulation and drainage

Cavi-Lipo stands on its own as an effective fat reduction treatment and the reduction of fat naturally triggers the skin to tighten up on it's own.

Sessions are very quiet and private and clients frequently comment on how relaxing and enjoyable their experience was. The number of treatments needed primarily depends on the amount of reduction desired. Wrinkles and creases are also addressed in the session with other tools.

Cavi-Lipo and Anti-Aging

Cavi-Lipo is the perfect anti-aging treatment because it works quickly, the results last longer and it happens all without the injections or expensive products.

Cavi-Lipo is excellent way to reduce the signs of aging without chemicals, injections or surgery.

Cavi-Lipo and Liposuction or Cool Sculpting

If you have recently had liposuction or Cool Sculpting a Cavi-Lipo treatment will further advance the benefits of those treatments by increasing circulation and drainage and reducing the development of fascial adhesions.

Locations & Hours

Phone: (828) 675-8462

North: 959 Merrimon Ave, Suite 7
South: 485 Hendersonville Road, Suite 5

Hours vary by location and are by appointment only.

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